The pandemic has brought together youth hostels and independent hostels across the UK to ask for support for our industry.

Independent Hostels UK,  YHA, Scottish Independent Hostels, Hostelling Scotland, and Hostelling International Northern Ireland have joined to form the Hostelling Together partnership.

With their emphasis on shared spaces and social interaction hostels have been unique hit by covid closure. Providing low cost holidays and mostly situated in green spaces they are a vital part of the recovery to come.

Cohort Hostels, St Ives Cornwall

Hostels contribute more than any other forms of hospitality to wellbeing.  They have a connection with nature and the local community.  The are intrinsically sustainable and their low cost provides travel and holiday opportunities for all.

We are calling on the English and Welsh Government to recognise their unique role by providing support now.

[Source: Sam Dalley, Editor: Independent Hostel Guide]

By Brian