Businesses across a huge range of industries rely on the support of self-employed subcontractors, but companies who do this must tread carefully when it comes to tax and remaining compliant at all times in an ever-changing landscape.

Self-employment technology specialist, Wise, works with over 180 UK logistics firms to ensure they have total peace of mind and legal protection when it comes to engaging their self-employed workforce.

Jeremy Leach, Chief Compliance Officer at Wise, said: “We know just how important it is for delivery firms to harness the large pool of self-employed delivery drivers to make sure that goods are delivered efficiently. However, making sure that your company is not falling foul of any HMRC issues and has robust legal safe-guarding is of the utmost importance.”

Wise works closely with business of all sizes to provide the individual support that they need, whether that’s:

  • Reviewing and helping to strengthen contracts
  • Providing a complete audit of current employment status, flagging any potential HMRC risks
  • National Insurance protection
  • Accountancy services to the client’s subcontractors, reducing their tax risk

Following a recent series of high-profile court judgements relating to the employment status of self-employed individuals at major corporations, there has been a consistent rise in the level of scrutiny being placed on this area of business.

Jeremy adds: “Creating a series of processes that result in confidence and protection from a compliance perspective are absolutely essential for any business which engages self-employed subcontractors. Whether it’s larger structural changes, small pieces of expert advice or legal support to examine risk, we’re passionate about helping the UK logistics industry protect itself and grow as a result.”

With the latest version of the Wise platform launching in April 2021, the technology firm has gone from strength to strength and now supports over 10,000 subcontractors on everything from onboarding through to invoicing and managing expenses.

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By Brian