There is no doubt that franchising can be the answer to many people’s problems in 2022. In fact, with over three quarters of UK professionals intending to look for a new job in the new year in search of a better work-life balance, franchising is set boom.

Mick Perrone is the perfect example of somebody who stepped away from their job during the pandemic to pursue a better work-life balance within franchising. And after joining lawncare franchise Greensleeves, it is safe to say he hasn’t looked back since. After working over 20 years as an account manager in audio-visual distribution Mick decided to take on Greensleeves’ Bedford territory six months ago. “After 20 years in my previous industry with three different companies, I decided I needed a change. I was always frequently up and out early and back late, I had to travel a lot and just didn’t really have enough spare time to spend with my family,” said Mick. “When the pandemic hit, I found myself stuck at home doing online meetings and trying to sell visual products over Zoom. As you can imagine, it was pretty difficult and demoralising. However, being stuck at home made me appreciate things more, like spending time in the garden and with my children.

“I decided to look into franchising because I knew if I wanted to change careers and start up my own business it’d be a challenge to do it alone and I did not have any previous experience. I needed a great support network, which is exactly what I found when I discovered Greensleeves. Franchising also gave me the opportunity to run my own business and choose hours that suited me. I have a young family, so becoming a franchisee with Greensleeves has allowed me to support them. I even have the delights of doing the school run now!

“I had no real experience in lawncare before joining Greensleeves, but the training they provided was excellent and the ongoing support has been equally good. By joining a franchise like Greensleeves I have access to the encouragement and knowledge of Greensleeves network. Something I wouldn’t have had if I started my own business.”

Greensleeves MD, David Truby, said, “There is no doubt that franchising is a great way to improve your work-life balance. At Greensleeves we are constantly innovating and offering our franchisees support and training to ensure that they have the tools they need for their territory to thrive.

“When searching for a franchise, I would recommend taking a step back and considering what you want to achieve by investing in a franchise business – finding the perfect business will be easier once you decide what you are trying to accomplish. Once you have decided what you want from a franchise, it is important to think about how much time you are willing to invest. Finally, it’s important to remember you have to be passionate about what you do to be successful at anything in life. So, follow your passion and good things will come!

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By Brian