Quadient, a leader in helping businesses create meaningful customer connections through digital and physical channels and a major global parcel locker operator, announced today that KeyNest, a global key exchange service for Airbnb hosts and property professionals, has signed an exclusive agreement with Quadient for a national partnership in the UK. Under the new agreement, Quadient’s open locker network, already used by millions of consumers across the country, now offers a new convenient service, expanding beyond parcel delivery.

Parcel Pending by Quadient lockers can now be used in the UK to securely store and exchange physical keys in multiple cases, including between friends and family, for Airbnb rentals, cleaning services, property management, car sharing and more. To access a Quadient locker, users  connect to their KeyNest.com account and select a locker at a convenient location. When at the locker, they simply scan their KeyNest QR code to open a small compartment to safely leave their keys until they are collected by their chosen person, who will use a single-use 8-digit code generated by Quadient’s cloud-based automated notification system.

“We are proud of the expansion of our open network offer with KeyNest’s services, proving the attractiveness of our open locker network today. We continue to focus on expanding the reach and usage of our network, providing a seamless pickup and delivery experience that is sustainable to businesses and consumers alike,” said Katia Bourgeais-Crémel, Director of Parcel Locker Solutions Europe at Quadient. “Parcel Pending by Quadient lockers have become integral to UK consumer habits, located within their communities, and providing services that bring value to their daily lives. We are very happy to be achieving a new milestone in the expansion of our network usage with KeyNest and look forward to continuing to bring to market innovations that meet the changing needs of our customers and users.”

Quadient’s network is strategically positioned in high-traffic areas such as Rontec and MFG forecourts, Stonegate Group pubs, and APCOA parking sites. With key safes gradually getting banned from public spaces in most UK cities due to security concerns, KeyNest’s value proposition is to provide a convenient key exchange service which is widely used across the property management industry in over 7,000 locations worldwide, including over 2,000 in the UK alone. With the addition of Parcel Pending by Quadient smart lockers to their offer, KeyNest will be able to streamline everyday tasks for local residents and facilitate seamless interactions between hosts, contractors, property managers, housing associations and real estate agents, who need to access properties at various times of the day.

“Quadient is the leading network of parcel lockers, not just from the breadth and depth of their network but thanks to its robust technology platform, which has enabled us to invest into a seamless integration. We are delighted to announce that Quadient lockers will be compatible with KeyNest’s direct integrations with Airbnb, Booking.com and over 120 property management software solutions” said Florian Hoven, KeyNest’s CEO. “KeyNest is dedicated to enhancing the key exchange experience for both businesses that need to give access to thousands of properties, as well as individual customers, who are just looking to pass a key to a friend or a family member. We’re excited to offer our key exchange points not just in big cities, but also in more town-based locations in the UK.”

By Brian