A new service has been launched to enable businesses and public sector organisations to find out more about available public funding opportunities and help them apply for UK and international grants.

The EPM Academy – academy.epmconsultancy.eu – is an online platform designed by grant funding experts from across Europe, which aims to demystify the grant funding landscape by offering advice on funding sources and providing support with the application process.

The platform enables all types of businesses to find out which funding pots are open to them – from start-ups, micro businesses, SMEs and large corporations to local authorities, regional development agencies and universities. There is industry-specific advice for sectors such as MedTech, Low Carbon and AI, and wider fact-finding questionnaires covering topics such as De Minimus Aid and SMART grants. Further in-depth information, detailed funding maps and downloadable guides can also be purchased from the site.

Launching the new EPM Academy, Director Kathy Vuillaume said:

“We’re really pleased to be able to offer this valuable resource. The grant funding landscape can be a minefield, with so many different funding pots available. Many organisations don’t know where to start or are put off by the red tape and paperwork that they think is involved.

“Our new EPM Academy helps to break down those barriers and provides a starting point for organisations looking to fund a new project or expand their business. And if they need hands-on help with putting together a funding bid, then our team of experts are here to help.”

Available grant funding can range from small localised grants for business support or marketing advice, to multi-million pound innovation funding pots for new products and machinery, right through to huge European funding pots, such as the currently open multi-billion Horizon programme.

Kathy added: “It is not well-known that despite the changes with Brexit, UK businesses are still able to access some European funding pots. The Horizon project is one such fund – billions of pounds are available for projects that meet the criteria. Our new EPM Academy can help you to find out if your business is eligible to bid for some of the funds”.

The EPM Academy is the latest service to be launched by EPM Consultancy, which is staffed by a team of funding and project management experts from across Europe. With offices in Horsham, West Sussex and Montpellier, France, EPM Consultancy specialises in helping organisations make the most of EU and UK funding opportunities. Its services include managing grant funded programmes, securing funding and evaluation services with summative assessment, as well as bespoke training and online events.

By Brian