When did you take up your position with the company and what does your role involve?

I joined Total Clean in June of this year. My role essentially is to expand our network of business hubs and develop the business as well as analyse existing business, profitability and delivery.

Who else is in the senior management team besides you?

 Javid Musa commercial director and Carlos Garcia managing director and myself business development director

How big is your organisation today?

We have 12 hubs and employ over 500 people

What’s your USP that sets you apart from other companies?

Adaptability to our clients’ needs.

Can you tell us in more detail about what technology you use?

We have a fully integrated CRM through which leads, customer communication, site auditing, product ordering, invoicing and cost management. By integrating all the moving parts we are able to track our productivity and service delivery, forming accurate achievable benchmarks for our business.   

Can you talk us through how clients use your services?

We know when we are meeting expectations when our clients just appreciated their workspace and don’t know why.

What do you see as the biggest external factors currently driving demand for your services?

The current pandemic has put a light on the importance of clean. Research has shown that companies who provide a clean and orderly work environment have significantly lower rates of absenteeism and higher rates of productivity. Cleaning when done right is not a cost, but an investment, an added investment in their employees. So, it is this realisation that is driving demand.

What digital marketing services do you currently use to acquire new customers?

The main thrust of our growth is through referrals. We have also invested heavily in developing our web presence which drives our inbound enquiries. We complement our out bound sales activities (referral business) using several social media platforms.

What are the key elements for the business in achieving a positive customer service experience? Don’t over promise, be honest, pitch up and deliver. Be solution driven.

Another trend in business is for everyone to want integrated, seamless, joined up information.

What are you offering in response?

For keeping a pulse on our business refer to my response in point 5. The trick for anything to work is to ensure what you capture is accurate, relevant, practical and easy and intuitive to do, and avoid double capturing.

What opportunities and challenges have you been presented with in recent times?

The biggest challenge has obviously been lockdown. The opportunity has been how quickly we adapted to the changed landscape, offering relevant products and services. We did not allow ourselves to adopt a victim mentality, but rather identified new needs and met them.  

How important is energy efficiency in your business and have you recently made any investment into energy saving?

Energy efficiency is very important to us. For example, we invested over £ 250,000 in converting our fleet of vehicles to electric in October this year.

Any plans for acquisitions or investments?

There are always opportunities out there. We never stop looking for the those that will be the right fit for us.

If you could send a message to the Government, what would it be?

Make right decisions, not popular ones.

Where do you see the company going from here?

We will continue to be agile and responsive to what plays out in front of us. We will continue to expand our reach nationally. Keep focusing on our clients providing an exceptional professional service and lastly develop our people to being a cohesive team with a culture of providing service excellence.


By Brian