Courier and logistics businesses of all sizes can face the same recurring issues when it comes to recruiting and retaining self-employed subcontractors. However, a new technology firm is revolutionising this experience for delivery firms across the UK by providing them with a brand new digital platform to manage these self-employment processes.

Based in London and Birmingham, Wise is a technology company that specialises in solutions for the self-employment sector and logistics in particular. Its new platform, launched at the end of April, helps businesses and self-employed individuals save time, money and stress on everything from onboarding through to invoicing and, importantly, managing HMRC compliance.

Currently, when looking to recruit new self-employed drivers, it can take logistics firms lots of man hours and admin to take these candidates through each stage of the onboarding process, ensuring they have met all compliance and documentation requirements to become self-employed subcontractors.

Now, the innovative new Wise system brings this entire process online and means that potential new subcontractors are guided through each step of the process via the mobile app, with the business able to see the progression in real-time via the Wise Management Portal. From this portal, businesses can see a range of useful metrics regarding the current status of their self-employed workforce and any potential issues regarding compliance.

Simon Hills, CEO of Wise, said: “Since the launch of the platform we’ve been delighted to see such positive feedback from our clients across the UK logistics sector. When creating Wise, it was vitally important that we were able to bring new efficiencies to the self-employment process and make a real difference to the recruitment and onboarding processes as we know first-hand how difficult and stressful this can be for businesses within the courier sector.

“Just as importantly, we have strived to create a user experience for self-employed individuals which eases their working life through managing expenses, sorting invoices and automatically calculating an end of year tax return. All of these functions mean that subcontractors can save both time and money at the same time by using Wise.”

Wise is currently used by over 160 UK logistics businesses to save time, money and stress. To find out how using Wise’s platform could help your business to engage its self-employed workforce, head to

By Brian