AlcoDigital – the UK’s leading supplier of breathalysers – is launching a state-of-the-art, cloud-based alcohol testing program to help tackle the problem of alcohol misuse in the workplace.

With health experts warning of rising rates of alcohol misuse in the UK1, Worksober addresses a clear need for Covid-safe, non-intrusive methods of alcohol screening.

Testing with Worksober is completely automatic and unsupervised, due to the implementation of biometric technology to scan employees’ faces prior to each test. Once the staff member is scanned and recognised, they are required to blow into the sensor on the wall-mounted detector unit. A result is given within seconds and registered to the cloud. When a test is positive for alcohol consumption, a nominated manager is instantly alerted.

As an autonomous system that doesn’t require third-party operation, Worksober eliminates the need for any close contact between staff – a significant benefit as COVID-19 infections continue to escalate in the UK. Implementation of Worksober also represents a substantial cost saving versus testing carried out manually by management staff.

Worksober can test the workforce on a daily or random basis with the frequency and percentage of random tests easily assigned via the cloud portal. The AI-driven facial recognition ensures complete security and accuracy, and eliminates any risk of impersonation. Up to 256 sites can be monitored through a single cloud portal interface.

Suzannah Robin, Director of AlcoDigital – the sole distributors of Worksober in the UK – said: “The pandemic has only increased the need for employers to be vigilant in supporting staff who may have problems with their alcohol consumption.

“Whether through long-term dependency or occasional over-indulgence, the effects of alcohol misuse can be devastating for a business.

“Alcohol misuse costs the UK economy an estimated £7 billion in lost productivity every year2.”

Most regulatory bodies and company health and safety policies prohibit the misuse of alcohol, yet all too often screening is infrequent and inconsistent, relying upon the availability of a supervisor or manager to carry out the testing. If an accident occurs, the consequences could be severe, not just for the employee concerned but for co-workers and the organisation itself.

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, employers can be prosecuted for putting employees and co-workers at risk. Worksober represents a cost effective and data-based solution, automatically running 24/7 with a constant audit trail of tests and results, allowing the employer to easily demonstrate that they have “taken all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their workforce and customers.”

“While Worksober is suitable for any working environment, it is particularly advantageous for safety-critical industries such as logistics and distribution centres, manufacturing, construction, transport and aviation,” added Suzannah Robin. “As the UK gets back to work post-lockdown, it’s never been more important to put safety first.”

With three different levels of service – bronze, silver and gold – employers can pick a Worksober package that best suits their needs. AlcoDigital fully manages maintenance and calibration, giving employers added peace of mind.

By Brian