Across every industry, taking advantage of innovation and every opportunity available to your business can make a tremendous difference to the bottom line, particularly within competitive markets.

Within logistics, more and more businesses are taking advantage of software to improve efficiency and cut back on the amount of admin which needs to be carried out every day. Self-employment technology specialist, Wise, is revolutionising the way that delivery firms can engage their self-employment workforce, with over 10,000 UK drivers signed up to their digital platform.

With self-employed subcontractor drivers, to get them set up and out delivering goods, a delivery firm will need to meet a series of criteria to get them set up within their business. This covers everything from forms of ID, driving license, toxicology tests and Unique Tax Reference number, and for a number of years this has taken a lot of time and effort going back and forth between the main contractor and the potential new recruit.

However, by using the new Wise app, this onboarding process is being brought into the 21st century with its intuitive platform for businesses and accompanying app for drivers. Now, ahead of job interviews, each driver can submit all of this documentation digitally via the app which can be reviewed and signed off by the main contractor, who are also able to oversee their entire pipeline of potential new drivers.

Dan Richards, Chief Commercial Officer at Wise, said: “Working closely with delivery companies across the UK for a number of years, we’re well aware of the different strains that are currently on the logistics sector and that’s why our entire platform is aimed at making life simpler not only for these businesses but their self-employed workforce too.

“For example, in previous years with all of the different requirements, onboarding a new subcontractor and all of their documentation could take up to four hours, whereas by using the Wise platform this can be reduced down to just thirty minutes.”

This type of process and experience for self-employed drivers is under increasing focus with the current shortage of drivers following Brexit and sustained high demand from commercial partners and the wider supply chain.

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By Brian